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  • Fusilli col Buco with Ground Sausage Sugo

    Fusilli col Buco with Ground Sausage Sugo

    This curly long pasta was originally made by wrapping fresh pasta around a knitting needle and allowing it to dry. These long strands of curly pasta have a hollow core like bucatini and will easily capture any sauce you dress it with. Here we've prepared it with a tomato based

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  • Filled Pasta - Advanced Pasta Making Class

    Filled Pasta - Advanced Pasta Making Class

    Ravioli, tortellini, agnolotti, mezzelune, cappelletti: as in all aspects of Italian cooking the regional variations of filled pasta shapes is inexhaustible. If you love Italian cooking, you need to have at least two or three filled pasta shapes in your repertoire. The Filled Pasta - Advanced Pasting Making, presented by Chef

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  • A Salad of Substance

    A Salad of Substance

    Pasta, rice, farro and fregola are four popular staples in Italian regional cooking. We mostly see them presented as cold weather foods being served steaming hot usually with other wintery ingredients. But Italians use them all year round to add flavour, texture and nutritional value to cold dishes too. Here

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  • Alto Piemonte Re-Invigorated Re-Discovered

    Alto Piemonte Re-Invigorated Re-Discovered

    280 Million years ago, long before vines were part of the landscape, a prehistoric collision of continents coupled with the massive implosion of a supervolcano bestowed Alto Piemonte (Upper Piedmonte) with some of the most unique soils and geomorphology in the world.

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  • Lemon Laganelle with Prawns & Peas

    Lemon Laganelle with Prawns & Peas

    Lemon Laganelle are narrow ribbons of pasta made with free-range eggs and semolina to which the zest of fresh lemons has been added. When cooked, this egg pasta has a brilliant yellow colour and fresh, lemony aroma. The lemon flavour is distinct without being overwhelming and combines well with so

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  • Linguine al Nero di Seppia

    Linguine al Nero di Seppia

    It is cuttlefish ink that makes this pasta black, but don’t expect a very noticeable seafood flavour. In fact it’s only when the pasta is prepared with seafood, does the cuttlefish ink really become apparent.  This recipe harnesses the flavours of this pasta and looks stunning on the plate.

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  • Benanti: Kings of Mount Etna

    Benanti: Kings of Mount Etna

    Mount Etna’s popularity as a wine producing district has skyrocketed over the last few years. This is mostly due to a few hard-working and persistent winemakers who believed in the potential of the unique climate and soil of the volcanic region. One of those pioneers was Giuseppe Benanti, a man

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  • Marsala in a Glass

    Marsala in a Glass

    Who needs a time machine when you’ve got chicken Marsala? This signature dish of many gingham tablecloth restaurants in the 70s and 80s is what we typically associate with a Marsala wine—a wine that actually deserves to stand on its own. Even the bombastic and peculiar American food TV personality,

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  • Six Things You Should Know About Baladin

    Six Things You Should Know About Baladin

    Baladin is Italy's leading craft beer maker and its eccentric and passionate founder Teo Musso has been a influential force on the craft beer movement around the the world. Here are 6 things you should know about this extraordinary man and his beer:

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  • Cheap Prosecco: Who Pays the Price?

    Cheap Prosecco: Who Pays the Price?

    The temptation to buy inexpensive wine is real. There aren’t too many people in this world who actively turn away a bargain, a point proved recently by the hundreds of people who queued for hours at a supermarket in England to buy Prosecco at £3.33 (roughly AUD$5) a bottle. The

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