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Frequently Asked Questions


Where are Enoteca Sileno products available?

Enoteca Sileno is the trading name of L Di Santo Pty Ltd which imports a large portfolio of regional, specialty food and wine products from Italy and distributes them throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The complete range of products is sold through the Enoteca Sileno Retail Showroom in Carlton North, Melbourne, while the Online Store at has a reduced range of key products lines.

Enoteca Sileno Wholesale Division supplies many of the food and wine products to specialist food stores, retailers, bottle shops and restaurants throughout Australia and New Zealand.

If you would like to know if someone stocks a specific product in your local area, please e-mail us via the Contact Us page and we’ll send you the details.

If all products are being imported from Italy, how can I be sure that their quality isn’t compromised?

At Enoteca Sileno we have an unconditional commitment to delivering our foods and wines to you in optimal condition.

Nearly all our products are shipped to Australia in refrigerated containers which are fitted with temperature data loggers allowing us to monitor container temperatures over every part of the journey.

Our warehouse facility in Brunswick, Melbourne is totally climate-controlled and is fitted with industrial cold rooms for storing perishable products.

Our Retail Showroom is similarly temperature controlled and maintained at cellar temperature of approximately 18 degrees.

Is Enoteca Sileno associated with any of the other businesses using the name “Enoteca”?

The Italian word “Enoteca” means a wine repository or place where wine is collected. Italians commonly use the term to describe bottle shops that specialize in wine, but also to mean wine bar.

As far as we know, when Gino Di Santo opened Enoteca Sileno in 1982, it was the first place in Australia that specialized in Italian wines and the first business to use the word Enoteca in its name.

Over the past years several restaurants have used the word Enoteca in their business name, however, they are not a part of Enoteca Sileno.

Online Store:

Are your online store prices the same as in your Retail Showroom?

Yes, the standard retail price in store and online is the same. However, there may be special promotions or discounts on individual items or product categories which may be exclusively in-store or online.

What payment methods can I use online?

Online store purchases can be made with Visa, MasterCard and American Express. All transactions are processed securely via Eway. The Online store does not accept PayPal.

I have purchased a product in the Retail Showroom, but I can't find it online?

If you cannot find a product online, it may be for several reasons:

- the product has yet to be uploaded onto the site

- the product has been discontinued, or there is little stock available, so it has been removed

- the product cannot be shipped because it is very fragile, or requires refrigeration.

If you require information on a specific product please call 03 9389 7009

Can I order online and pick up from The Enoteca Sileno Store store?

Yes, you can by entering the details of the Enoteca Sileno Retail Store for the delivery address. We will contact you when your order is ready to be collected.

How long will it take for my products to be shipped?

Online purchases are processed and dispatched 7 days a week. If products are in stock, you should receive them within 3 working days if you live in Melbourne and within 5 days for regional Victoria and other Australian capital cities.

If we do not have products on hand it may take a little longer, however, we will always try to inform you of any delay.

What about if I make an error with my online purchase or change my mind?

Please try to contact us as soon as possible on 03 9389 7009 so we can correct the order before shipping.

From where are the orders dispatched?

Most orders will be processed and dispatched from our premises in Carlton North. Bulk items may be dispatched from our warehouse facilities in Brunswick.

How much is the delivery charge? 

Fastway Couriers is our service provider of choice. In the past we also gave customers the option of using Australia Post, however, the ridiculously high rate of breakages and lost packages meant that we had to withdraw this option.

Unfortunately, this means we can not deliver to PO boxes and you must provide a street address for your delivery.

The site will calculate the delivery charges based on the weight of product and product packaging, the weight of delivery parcel and packing material, dimensions where relevant plus the destination.

The following table is a rough guide only and actual freight costs may vary according to total weight and delivery postcode.

Up to 5kg Up to 10kg Up to 25kg
Melbourne Metropolitan $10 $10 $10
Victoria Regional $10 $15 $20
Sydney/Wollongong/Newcastle/Central Coast  $15 $20 $30
PT Macquarie/Coffs Harbour/Northern Rivers $20 $30 $40
NSW Regional other $30 $35 $50
ACT $15 $20 $30
Brisbane Metropolitan $20 $30 $40
South Queensland other $30 $35 $50
Sunshine Coast/Wide Bay/GLadstone/Rockhampton
$25 $30 $40 
North Queensland other $60 $65 $76
Adelaide Metropolitan $15 $20 $30
South Australia Regional $30 $35 $50
Tasmania Launceston/Hobart $15 $20 $30
Perth Metropolitan $25 $30 $40
WA Regional $60 $65 $76
Northern Territory $60 $65 $76

Can I have my order sent to my place of work?

Yes, you specify a different delivery address to your billing address. Please ensure your place of work is aware of the delivery.

How secure is my online order?

The Enoteca Sileno Online store is operated with the most effective and up-to-date security measures available. However, if you suspect a breach in security please contact us at Enoteca Sileno Marketing Department  03 9389 7002

Can a product purchased Online be returned to the Retail Showroom?

Yes it can. Please see our returns policy for details.


I am not satisfied with a product, what is Enoteca Sileno’s Product Returns Policy?

There are several reasons why you may not be satisfied with a product and may wish to return it. Below are some common examples and how the Enoteca Sileno Returns Policy would apply in each case. If your circumstances are not covered below please send us an e-mail via the Contact Us page.

For all returns and exchanges an Enoteca Sileno receipt or valid proof of purchase will be required.

The product is faulty.

Please contact us within 7 days of delivery. If it can be established that the product was sold to you defective, we will be happy to offer you a refund, a product exchange or a credit note.

The product was incorrectly described or recommended to me by Enoteca Sileno staff.

Depending on the circumstance we may offer you a refund, a product exchange or a credit note.

I've changed my mind about a purchase.

We ask you to make your selections carefully. Our website is designed to provide you with all the necessary information to make and informed purchase. Additionally, Enoteca Sileno retail staff is available 7 days a week (except Public Holidays) by phone and/or e-mail to provide you with advice and information.

However, if you do change your mind about a product please contact us within 7 days of delivery and we will endeavour to find a satisfactory solution.

I have had an adverse reaction to the product.

If you react to a product, it does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with the product itself and that Enoteca Sileno, or its suppliers are at fault, or responsible.

Any customers with food sensitivities or allergies, on medication, or with a history of adverse reaction to unfamiliar food products, should check all ingredients. If in doubt you should seek advice from a qualified professional before purchasing a product.

I am a vegetarian and after I started using the product I realised it had animal products.

Customers with specific food restrictions whether they are religious, ideological or medical, should be careful to check all ingredients and seek advice from staff before purchasing a product. In these circumstances Enoteca Sileno cannot be held responsible.

I began consuming the product but I don't like the taste.

Flavour is subjective. What is delicious to one person may be unpalatable to another. It doesn't mean the product is faulty, or that Enoteca Sileno or the product’s manufacture is at fault.

Many of the food and wine products at Enoteca Sileno are genuine regional specialties which are artisan produced. Textures, flavours and aromas can differ significantly from similar products which are industrially produced.

How do I return a product I purchased online?

If you live in the Melbourne Metropolitan area, the easiest way is to return it to the Retail Showroom.

If this is not possible, the item will then need to be shipped back to us. Please call the Retail Showroom on 03 9389 7009 to discuss the circumstances of the product return and to receive further advice on returning the product.