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Spagnoletti Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml

750ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Puglia

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Spagnoletti's extra virgin olive oil is made from the Coratina and Cima di Bitonto varieties, which are typical of this region. Spagnoletti extra virgin olive oil is herbaceous, pungent and very low in acidity. It has the lively, sweet and strong fruity aroma of unripe olives. Its flavour is wonderfully nutty and peppery. The pleasant bitter-spicy flavours are very well balanced.
The olives are handpicked and processed immediately so that the oil is bottled within 24 hours of picking. The olives are crushed in an ancient oil mill with a granite stone-crusher and cold-pressed to avoid damaging the delicate flavour profile of the oil. It is not filtered, because filtration removes valuable flavours, vitamins and minerals. As a result, the oil will be a little cloudy. The sediment is a valuable bi-product of this production method.
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  • Handpicked olives
  • No fertilizers or chemicals used in cultivation
  • Non-filtered

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