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Black Summer Truffle - Preserved 80g

'First Choice' quality, whole black summer truffles are preserved in a light brine to capture the flavour,aroma and great texture. Ready to shave over pasta, risotto and other dishes.

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The tuber aestavium species of truffle thrives in central and northern Italy. It is available fresh between early June and late September, and preserved for other times of the year. It is undoubtedly the best truffle available fresh during the northern summer, and differs to the winter varieties in both scent and taste. It is found in limestone rich areas, typically near the root systems of oak, hazel and birch trees. Some truffle aficionados consider the black summer truffle is at its best when preserved. This is because the flavours are given a chance to develop before consumption.

The flavours of the summer variety are mellower than those of the winter varieties. Despite this, the odour of these truffles is still prominently musky and earthy. Many prefer this soft alternative to powerful winter truffles. Naturbosco’s black summer truffles are unmistakably of ‘first choice’ quality.

Serving Suggestions: Black summer truffles are perfect when shaved thinly over warmed dishes and also provide an excellent finishing touch to a summer salad. Although preserved truffles are not quite as perishable as fresh truffles, care must nonetheless be taken. Once opened, the truffles should be refrigerated and consumed within 5 to 7 days.

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  • Preserved Summer Truffle
  • 'First Choice' quality
  • More mellow, sweeter flavour than winter truffle 
  • Less perishable than fresh truffle

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