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This oil is a blend derived from the Dritta and Leccino olive varieties. The olives are cultivated in groves on the hills around the town of Pianella. In October each year, the olives are hand picked, to ensure that minimal damage occurs during harvest. The olives are harvested and crushed, and the oil is bottled within 36 hours.

Rustichella d’Abruzzo bottles the oil of the first cold pressing of the olives. Cold pressing ensures that the oil’s delicate qualities are protected whilst the oil is being extracted. The first run of the oil is the most pure.  The oil is bottled “mosto”. This means that after the olives are pressed, the oil is centrifuged only. The oil is not filtered and therefore some sediment remains and thus the oil is a little cloudy. The sediment in “mosto” olive oil is a valuable bi-product of this production method. Filtration changes the oil’s flavour profile and depletes valuable vitamins and minerals.

Serving Suggestions: It will complement all flour-based foods such as pizza, pasta and bread. Drizzle over cooked meats, vegetables and salads.

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  • First cold pressing
  • Unfiltered
  • Fragrant, intense aroma and flavour
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