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Calabrian Tomato Passata - 750ml

A pure, tomato passata with a ripe tomato flavour and no added salt, thickeners or additives. Ready to use for authentically flavoured pasta sauces, soups and stews.

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I Prodotti del Casale is a small family-owned fruit and vegetable producer on Capo Bruzzano near the town of Africa Nuovo on the southern tip of Calabria, the toe of the Italian peninsula. The area is considered one of the most environmentally pristine parts of the Ionian coast with some of the most beautiful and unspoilt beaches in Italy. 

The tomatoes are grown only meters from the Ionian Sea, harvested by hand when perfectly ripe and transformed into bottled passata within the same day. 

Because of this proximity to the sea, and the use of sea water for irrigation, I Prodotti del Casale passata is one of the only preserved tomato products in Italy, and all of Europe, to not contain added salt.

The combination of location, sunshine and soil rich in minerals and trace elements (confirmed by the University of Calabria), results in this extraordinary tomato passata with intense red colour and rich flavour.

Learn More About Arturo Prattico - I Prodotti del Casale


  • Grown 300m from the Ionian Sea
  • Bottled within 24 hours of picking
  • Thick, rich, tomato with no additives
  • Ready to use for sauces, soups



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