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Tomato Passata 530g

Sun-ripened tomatoes are washed, cooked, drained and crushed. It's a careful process that retains all the healthy goodness and rich flavour of the tomato, and is the ideal base for pasta sauces and other dishes.

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The Pugliese climate is typically Mediterranean, with hot and dry summers, and mild winters. Puglia is the driest region in Italy. The few rivers of the region are found on the Tavoliere delle Puglia. This enormous low-lying plain is one of the most agriculturally productive plains in the country. In winter, it occasionally floods, whilst droughts are common in summer. This climate provides the perfect conditions for cultivation of eggplants, tomatoes, artichokes and onions.  It is little surprise that these are three of Puglia’s most prized delicacies. Each thrives in full sun, and well-drained, sandy soil.

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  • Vine-Ripened Puglia tomatoes
  • Hand-peeled
  • Preserved in pure tomato purée

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