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Vincotto Vinegar - Wild Berry 250ml

The juice and pulp of assorted wild berries are mixed with traditional vincotto vinegar to produce a condiment with a rich flavour and luscious viscosity.

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The Calogiuri family’s famous vincotto originale provides the base for this exceptional range of fruit vinegars. Vincotto originale is produced by over-ripening Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera grapes. The grapes are pressed, and the must is slowly reduced for 20 hours over a low flame. The must is then transferred to oak casks and exposed to the very old “mother” vincotto, which imparts its own characteristics to the younger must.  Ageing the must for a total of four years produces vincotto originale.

The consequence of blending vinegar with the vincotto is natural fermentation. The ethanol present in the blend oxidizes and acetic acid is produced. The acetification occurs over six months, until the flavours are legato, or mellow. Ultimately, aceto di vincotto has an acidity level of three per cent.

While there are some overtones of a fine balsamic, aceto di vincotto must never be confused with balsamic vinegar. Aceto di vincotto has a unique texture and flavour profile. Aceto di vincotto is made from 100% grape must combined with vinegar produced from the same grape varietals.

It is highly nutritious, therapeutic and rich in polyphenols (antioxidants). Vincotto is sugar free and contains no alcohol, acidity, colouring or preservatives. No sprays or chemicals are used on the grape vines.

Enjoy fruit-flavoured vincotto vinegars with salads, drizzled over cured meats, grilled meat and fish, to add a lively bite to risotto, fruit and desserts.

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  • The original vincotto from Puglia 
  • Sugar free and contains no alcohol, acidity, colouring or preservatives.
  • No sprays or chemicals are used on the grape vines.
  • Highly nutritious, therapeutic and rich in polyphenols


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